Discover the art of sustainability at RecyCOOL Academy!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that blends your love for fashion with a passion for positive change? Welcome to RecyCOOL Academy, your exclusive gateway to the captivating world of conscious clothing creation.

Unleash Your Creativity: Uncover the Joy of Crafting Your Own Clothes

  • At RecyCOOL Academy, we believe that fashion is not just about wearing clothes; it’s about creating a statement, embracing your uniqueness, and championing sustainability. Our platform invites you to explore the art of designing and making your very own garments, allowing your creativity to flourish in an eco-friendly, fashion-forward way.

Where Fashion Meets Sustainability: Be a Part of the Solution

  • Join us in our mission to revolutionize the fashion industry one stitch at a time. Delve into our carefully curated non-formal educational materials and programs that shed light on the profound impacts of fashion on our environment and society. Understand the significance of responsible production, mindful consumption, and the critical role of textile waste reduction. As a RecyCOOL advocate, you’re not just a learner—you’re a changemaker.

A Global Collaborative Initiative

  • RecyCOOL Academy is the brilliant outcome of a powerful partnership between Fashion Revolution Slovakia and Nitka Slovakia. Together with our worldwide associates, we’ve created a platform that empowers you as both a conscious customer and a responsible citizen. By uniting fashion enthusiasts, eco-activists, and trendsetters, we’re shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet.

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